Another burnt dinner
Leave multitasking to the pros

You may think you have time to chop those vegetables/make that salad/etc while the chicken is cooking, but you don’t.

Lesson 2:

Do one thing at a time

Experienced cooks have the timing down.  They make it look easy.  Just throw this in the pan/oven/whatever, and while you’re waiting on it, prepare this part of the meal.  This is not a good idea for the new cook.

I managed to burn chicken on a George Foreman grill because I left it to cook while I was working on the rest of the meal.  Unless you’ve got something baking for an extended period of time- with a timer on- don’t move on to some other stage of preparation.

My advice, read through the whole recipe.  Chop what needs to be chopped.  Group things together that need to be mixed together and put the right size measuring cups/spoons with them.  Mix what you can ahead of time so it’s ready to pour/add when the time comes.  Don’t leave the meal to burn while you quickly throw together whatever sauce or topping should have been ready.

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